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Some Democrats are popping corks over two stories. First, Steve Bannon promised a civil war in the Republican Party. Second, in North Carolina, the number of Unaffiliated voters exceeds Republicans for the first time: Democrats: 2,640,470 Unaffiliated: 2,055,548 Republicans: 2,055,493

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Hillary is getting pilloried. Again. This time for having the effrontery to write a book about the election, “What Happened.” Even Democrats are jumping and dumping on her for “reopening old wounds,” “refighting old battles” and making them relive the

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They’re popping up in Raleigh, so here’s my perennial rant. There is no greater waste of time and money in a campaign than yard signs. No voter – ever – has said, “OMG, look at that sign! The colors! The

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During the Alabama primary President Trump was tweeting and robo-calling for Luther Strange and at the same time Mitch McConnell was spending $4 million to elect Strange so we had the Establishment Republicans and Trump Republicans all on the same

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If you’re a Republican with an eye on the next election you’re searching for signs and reading tea leaves, wondering, What are the chances we’ll lose? The signs that measure President Trump’s strength – his Favorable rating and his Job

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The News and Observer has published a dozen stories and editorials and letters by people extolling the virtues of the UNC Center for Civil Rights –  all saying roughly the same thing: The professors leading the Center are warriors battling

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Listening to him as he stood on the floor of the State Senate speaking, I wondered whether he believed what he was saying or whether he’d simply decided to spin a tale. He sounded like a history professor giving a

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