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Hillary is getting pilloried. Again.

This time for having the effrontery to write a book about the election, “What Happened.”

Even Democrats are jumping and dumping on her for “reopening old wounds,” “refighting old battles” and making them relive the awful experience of seeing Trump elected President.

Lay off her.

Three points here:

First, she earned the right to write a book.

Second, I want to read her book. I haven’t. Nor, I suspect, have many of the people jumping and dumping on her.

Third, in politics, as in life, you learn more from your setbacks than your successes. When you win in politics, you assume that everything you did was right. You take a bow, you move on, and you don’t look back. When you lose, you relive it, rethink it and refight it endlessly.

Believe me, I know. I’m still reliving, rethinking and refighting our loss to Jesse Helms (and Carter) in 1984.

So it’s good for her, and us, to learn from 2016.

I also suspect Hillary is being too hard on herself. She surely made many mistakes. But she had a lot going against her – mainly, trying to become the first female President right after the first African-American President.

Then throw in Putin, Comey, Sanders, Clinton fatigue, the media obsession with her emails, and the Trump clown circus.

The amazing thing is that she still got more votes than Trump. Just not quite enough in the right states.

I hope she makes a gazillion dollars from the book. And enjoys spending it – on trips, grandchildren and whatever else makes her happy.

She’s probably better off without the grief of being President. The country’s surely a lot worse off.


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