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Some Democrats are popping corks over two stories.

First, Steve Bannon promised a civil war in the Republican Party.

Second, in North Carolina, the number of Unaffiliated voters exceeds Republicans for the first time:

  • Democrats: 2,640,470
  • Unaffiliated: 2,055,548
  • Republicans: 2,055,493

Hold the champagne.

First, we’ve got our own civil war – between Clinton Democrats and Sanders Democrats. You see the bitterness in the reaction to Hillary Clinton’s new book.

Second, we’ve got a challenge among Unaffiliateds. A recent statewide poll showed that they break down this way ideologically:

  • Liberal 24%
  • Moderate 22%
  • Conservative 42%

If you assume the conservative Unaffiliateds vote Republican, then Democrats have to win virtually all the liberals AND moderates. Democrats should keep that in mind as they decide which way to go now.


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