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Republicans have picked their battle line for 2018: “We cut your taxes, the economy is booming, stick with us.” Will Democrats take that fight? Or is there a better path to victory?

Maybe the Republican tax bill will be the political and economic disaster that Washington Democrats say it is. But, hey, Democrats don’t have a great history of winning on taxes.

I remember the adviser to Walter Mondale in 1984 who said, “We’re going to make Reagan eat the deficit.”

Reagan ate Mondale’s lunch instead. So put me down as unconvinced this time.

If I was running a Congressional race next year, I’d test this simple message in a poll:

“Trump is rash, reckless, irresponsible, unpredictable and dangerous. Somebody needs to keep an eye on him and keep him in check. My opponent won’t. I will.”

Keep it simple. Focus on the one fact people know for certain. They don’t know whether the tax bill is good or bad; taxes are confusing. They do know that Trump is rash, reckless, irresponsible, unpredictable and dangerous.

Note: A family illness has clogged my blogging lately. Things will return to normal in due time. Merry Christmas.


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