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A year that started with Trump’s inauguration was bound to suck. Good riddance, 2017.

The year – and Trump – were so bad, 2018 is bound to be better. First, there’s a counter-reaction coming. There always is in politics. Second, women are mobilizing, voting, organizing, running and winning. That caused earthquakes in Virginia and Alabama. It’s just the start.

2017’s hashtag was #MeToo. 2018’s can be #VoteForMe. And we will. Also in 2020.

We elect Presidents who are the opposite of their predecessors. Remember the Unabomber? Trump was the UnObama.

The next President will be NotTrump. She’ll be Madame President.

A lot of guys in Washington and some state capitals see a President in the mirror when they shave. But the next President will see herself in the mirror putting on makeup.

So let’s go, Gillibrand, Warren, Harris or whoever she may turn out to be. The tide of history is turning. The country is changing, and Trump isn’t. Your time is now. It’s long past time.


Note: Thanks to all of you who sent kind words and prayers on the passing of my brother. I’m ready for 2017 to be over. Happy New Year.


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