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One morning at 6:23 am, not long after Roy Moore lost, the President set out to reassure his base by tweeting that, since Republicans were 5-0 in the Special Elections for Congress, they were on track to do ‘very very well’ in the upcoming election – then explaining his talents as a prognosticator the President added he’d predicted Ed Gillespie’s loss, Roy Moore’s loss and his own victory in 2016.

Only Trump hadn’t predicted Ed Gillespie would lose. And though five Republicans (in safe seats) had won Special Elections they’d had to struggle. For example, Trump had defeated Hillary in Montana by a landslide but the Republican running for Congress in the Special Election only won by 5 points – which wasn’t a sign of a wave of impending victories.

One tweet, two slips – you have to wonder, Why does President Trump make mistakes like that?  Does he just shoot from the hip without thinking? Is he careless with facts? Is he a salesman who says whatever it takes to close a deal? Does he think no one will notice his slips? Or, if they do notice, it won’t matter?

It’s an odd problem. And a sign of a sad ending.


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