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The big holiday gift book was about Grant. The big movie is about Churchill. The hot book now – and the big story – is about Trump.

Two leaders. And one poor excuse for a leader.

I haven’t read the Trump book. I’ve read plenty about it. It’s set the political and media agenda since the snow fell. It pretty much says that all we suspected about Trump and his administration is as bad as we feared – or worse: childish, chaotic, chronically disloyal and maybe criminal.

We start 2018 the same way we started 2017, wondering how the hell we got into this mess and what happens next.

Democrats can start by blaming ourselves. Our allegiance to and affection for the Clintons led us to nominate the one person Trump could beat. Except maybe Bernie Sanders.

Let’s pick a winner next time, shall we?

Republicans are most to blame. First, they nominated Trump. Second, they either support him, fear him or think they can use him. Third, he’s a logical product of 50 years of racial appeals, religious intolerance and anti-government cant and nonsense.

Democrats’ path this year is clear: A vote for a Republican, any Republican, is a vote for Trump. A vote for a Democrat, any Democrat, is a vote against Trump.

If Democrats sweep Congress, they’ll impeach Trump. If Republicans get slaughtered in November, some of the survivors may finally stand up to him.

That’s the only way this ends well.


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