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Fundraising emails from Democrats in Washington insist that Doug Jones could beat Trump’s wingman Roy Moore Tuesday night. Okay, I hear you. But we’re talking about Alabama.

If Jones does win, Democrats will face some interesting questions. Like, can we win in the South only when the Republican is a creepy sexual predator?

If the creepy sexual predator wins, Democrats have to ask: Could/should Jones have done something different? Do we have any path in the Deep South? Can we ever win here?

If Republicans lose Alabama, they have to answer even tougher questions: How the hell could we lose Alabama? How much damage is Trump doing to us – or are we doing to ourselves? And how bad will the Democratic wave be in 2018?

If Moore wins, the questions aren’t any easier for Republicans: What do we do now? Do we let a creepy sexual predator serve in our caucus in the United States Senate?

More to the point: How low do we go? How low do we let Trump take us? And do we have a shred of honor, decency and principle left in us?

Stay tuned.


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