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Brian Ross had a ‘confidential’ source, an insider close to Michael Flynn – so at 11 o’clock last Friday morning Ross (of ABC News ) dropped a bombshell: Michael Flynn was going to testify Trump had ordered him to contact the Russians before the election.

 The world turned upside down. Twitter and Facebook exploded. The stock market dropped 350 points. Robert Mueller was about to prove Trump had colluded with the Russians.

Then, seven and a half hours later, at 6:30pm, the world turned upside down again – Ross reported his ‘confidential’ source had ‘clarified’ his story: Trump hadn’t told Flynn to contact the Russians “before the election” – Trump had told him to contact them after the election, about defeating ISIS.

A hurricane had roared ashore with one white hot story at 11am, but then, proving both the  power and illusion of fake news, vanished at 6:30pm.


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