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The politicians are hollering, again, about redistricting – about the new State House and Senate district maps drawn by the federal judges ‘Special Mapmaker.’ But look beneath the surface: What’s surprising is how few districts changed. And how little those districts changed. The News and Observer analyzed the new maps:

One district changed from .4% Republican to 1.2% Democratic.

Another changed from a tie to 1.8% Democratic.

A third changed from 1.7% Republican to 1.8% Democratic.

A fourth got a tad more Republican.

A fifth got a tad more Democratic.

A sixth changed from 53% Republican to 49% Republican and 49% Democratic.

Only the last new district – the seventh – had a significant shift from ‘Lean Republican’ to +7% Democratic.

What has six years of politicians hollering at each other accomplished? One major change in one district.


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