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When Kate McClure ran out of gas on an exit ramp in Philadelphia, Johnny Bobbitt, a homeless man, walked toward her car in the darkness, said, Lock your doors, then walked to a gas station and returned with $20 in gas.

Bobbitt, a paramedic, had moved to Philadelphia for a job but the job fell through. He didn’t have much money and after his savings ran out he spent a year and a half living on the streets. A friend, later, told a reporter he’d also had a drug problem.

The next day McClure found Bobbitt sitting beside the same exit ramp and repaid him. Then set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to help him get off the streets.

It turns out there are two Americas.

One full of politicians, Democrats, Republicans, Washington Politicians and their followers, on both sides, hollering on websites as CNN and Fox News, round the clock, pour gas on the fire.

And another where miracles still happen – where people gave $377,000 to help a homeless Marine veteran who’d spent his last $20 to help a twenty-seven-year-old woman when she ran out of gas.


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