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Set aside what the Republican tax bill does to people and the economy. Look at how they passed it, why they did it and what it says about who they are.

House and Senate Republicans rushed through massive bills that affect the entire economy – with no hearings, no transparency and none of John McCain’s vaunted “regular order.” They barely know what they passed. They didn’t take time to read it.

Of course, the K Street lobbyists know exactly what the bills do – even if Senators don’t. The lobbyists wrote the bills.

Congressional Republicans cast aside any pretense of bipartisanship. They ignored warnings they may explode the national debt.

They howled in 2008 when President Bush pushed through an economic bailout and in 2010 when President Obama passed Obamacare. We don’t have time to read the bill, they said. We don’t know what it’s in it, they said. The Democrats are doing it without involving us, they said. It will explode the debt, they said.

Now? Never mind.

The Republicans make no bones about why they’re doing it: Their donors demand it. Right or wrong, good or bad. After all, the donors know what’s good for them.

Republicans say “our base” demanded tax cuts. But unemployed coal miners in Appalachia and laid-off factory workers in the Midwest aren’t clamoring for tax cuts. They’d like jobs that paid some money so they could pay taxes.

Congressional Republicans did their donors’ – their owners’ – bidding.

This is, in a word, corruption. Political corruption. And moral bankruptcy.


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