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Carter wrote (“The Real Reason”) that “Democrats are having apoplexy” over Art Pope as Budget Czar because “Pope is dead serious about cutting government spending.”
Well, that’s part of the story. The rest is that Democrats wonder whether he can cut government spending without hurting education (public schools, community colleges and universities), jeopardizing public safety and shredding the safety net for people who need help.
Pope himself set up the yardstick for measuring him and Governor-elect McCrory.
Pope said there are three budget challenges: “how to pay for increasing enrollment in schools and improve the quality of education, how to deal with burgeoning health and human services costs without protecting core needs such as courts and public safety, how to pay for needed building renovations and keep a rainy-day fund.”
If Pope can cut spending and meet all three of those challenges, he’ll deserve a laurel and hearty handshake.
It’s up to the media and the Democrats will have to hold him, McCrory and the legislature accountable to that standard.
By the way, note that the quote (which, in fairness, is the N&O’s paraphrase, not a quote from Pope) said “protecting core needs such as courts and public safety.” Not protecting health care or mental health care.


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One comment on “The Real Reason: Another View

  1. dap916 says:

    Great, Gary. You’re going after Pope here for NOT saying something. Look, anyone with half a brain that follows politics even a little knows that the democratic party and those that represent the democratic party (like you, my friend) will be going over every word Pope says to find something that “should have been said” or somehow is wrong or even a lie. This element will be looking at each and every policy Pope presents to find a way to show how it’s racist or “against the poor and middle class” or favoring the wealthy and even Pope himself in his business ventures.

    Gary, if you don’t think that we have to make cuts in areas (like the huge budget items in the health and human services)that are being overspent and where abuses are rampant while making sure we continue to improve our education system in NC, then you’re not looking at the situation pragmatically. We aren’t going to be able to raise revenue enough to give what we give now to just so many in our state. And, if you honestly believe that everyone receiving state taxpayer assistance that costs billions in our state are “needy” and “deserving”, you’re wearing one hell of a set of blinders. If the media and the democrats let Pope do what he needs to do, we will have one fiscally sound and strong state with many good things coming our way. If the media and the democrats do as I have said I believe will happen, he will be unsuccessful…which is probably what the dems want in the first place anyway.

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