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This Christmas, we have much to celebrate. To start with, the world didn’t end.
Except for Washington, where the fiscal cliff and a bruising battle over guns loom.
And in Raleigh, where it has ended for Democrats.
Blessedly, for one day all will be peaceful – or mostly so. We celebrate according to our faith. We welcome the return of the light with the passing of the solstice. We reunite with our families.
So to blue and red America alike, Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives all, Merry Christmas.
As our President advised, drink eggnog, eat cookies and sing carols. After New Year’s, we’ll fight again.


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One comment on “Merry Christmas

  1. clarence swinney says:

    Great Gop achievements—

    Eisenhower initiated Interstate Highway
    Reagan signed Martin Luther King holiday
    Nixon signed affirmative action law
    Nixon initiated EPA
    Nixon initiated OSHA
    Bush created two wars, moral and economic collapse
    Ike was good–Ford was good–Bush I was good
    Reagan + Bush II were bad for America And the world–Unrestricted Gambling=Disaster
    Redistribution of Wealth & Income Upwards via 2500 Billion in Tax Cuts mostly for rich and increase by Spending and Borrowing.
    Created two awful illegal wars by invading two of most destitute -most unarmed nations on earth
    2500B Tax Cuts and borrowed 9000 Billion to pay for them and major increases in spending(80% Reagan + 65% Bush II). Clinton + 24%.
    Which party won every 20th Century War but one??

    Which President increased Total Stock Market Value by more than thrice all predecessors combined
    Which President never told the people a single lie on policy.
    Which President got more of his Legislation passed in first two years under a Democratic Congress than all but one President (LBJ).
    Which President released more secured documents than total of all preceding presidents?
    Which President implemented more anti-terrorism programs than any in history?
    Which President had, possibly, the most successful domestic record in history?
    answer below


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