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A brawl followed by an outbreak of brawls erupted Sunday morning in the small insular world of politics;–it started on Meet the Press when Wayne LaPierre of the NRA said, ‘The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun‘ — David Gregory nodded politely, said, ‘That might work,’ then added, ‘But don’t you agree banning thirty bullet clips in semi-automatic rifles might do some good too?’
At first blush LaPierre’s suggestion — putting policemen in elementary schools — sounded shocking. But, if you stop and think about it, for over 200 years we’ve been doing pretty much just that — sending ‘a good guy with a gun’ to stop villains from George III to Tojo.
Anyhow, Gregory had LaPierre in a tight spot — arguing a twenty-year-old holding a Bushmaster wasn’t more deadly than a twenty year old holding a machete was going to be a tall order. So, instead, LaPierre started explaining what to do to stop the dark forces (which he described as ‘madness and culture’) that had turned Adam Lanza into a matricide. When he finished Gregory shot back, But what about banning thirty bullet clips?
By noon there was hardly a network talk show without a brawl.
Now, overall, Democrats and Republicans didn’t really disagree much. Republicans said creating more mental health programs made more sense than banning thirty bullet clips, and Democrats were more than happy to create more government programs. Democrats and Republicans didn’t disagree much about ‘culture’ either — almost everyone said violent video games were villains.
But the brawling didn’t shed much light at all on one question: When Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School, why wasn’t there a tiny voice of conscience whispering in his ear, Stop. These are children.
With the light they have to see with in their small insular world, the politicians have decided video games and missing government programs are the answer — that’s their antidote to the dark powers that destroyed Adam Lanza’s conscience.
Years ago, back home in Virginia, my grandmother had a cousin who was a bootlegger. One night his wife caught him red-handed with another woman and threw him out of the house then called the sheriff and told him where her philandering husband had hidden his still. The bootlegger had landed in a fix, so one Sunday morning he went to the local parson to unburden himself and said, Ole’ temptation just got to whispering in my ear and my brains flew right out the window.
The country parson chewed that over awhile and said, I’d say what was whispering in your ear was a lot meaner than temptation and what flew out the window was your conscience not your brains. A fellow in a mess like you’re in ought to be ready to try prayer.


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5 comments on “Revelation

  1. Choo says:

    I don’t say this to be the smart person in the room. In fact knowledge of this is only by accident. Having spent time in the USMC I worked with auto and semiautomatic weapons. The clips used in the weapons the media is so worked up over are not the issue. Once a clip is spent, or empty, the time required to change it out is just under 4 seconds. Is that an issue, well I am not sure a 4 second window makes a lot of difference. One of the things it does is to point out that most all journalist have never changed out a clip from a semiautomatic rifle. I once read an article by a News and Observer Reporter who described and air rifle taken to school by a kid as not working because the firing pin was broken. I think todays journalist don’t do the research to find out solutions to problems, they start from a position they would like to see and work backwards. I did like your article and the correct call of how each party wants to try and solve the problem.

  2. Carbine says:

    It is undeniably true that the only way to stop an armed attacker is by shooting back. When the country finally comes to grips with this unfortunate reality we will begin putting trained, qualifies, armed personnel in schools to defend our children and teachers. It doesn’t have to be uniformed police. There are a few teachers, administrators, and other staff members already on site who could, on a voluntary basis, be trained and equipped for the task.

  3. clarence swinney says:

    Increases by:
    Reagan=10% per year
    Bush II=11% per year
    Obama=1.1% per year
    Amazing is it not

  4. dap916 says:

    Cocaine and Meth and this kind of drug are illegal in the U.S. Yet, millions upon millions of people are able to get them. Those that follow the law and care if they’d be incarcerated if they had them don’t have them. But, they’re still readily available for those that don’t care about the law.

    Make guns illegal in the U.S. and the “progressives”/liberals win a big political fight. But who will have the guns then? There is just absolutely TOO many incidents of cities in the U.S. with gun bans and countries all around the world with gun bans having an increase in gun violence.

    This is not about gun control…it’s about “control” and about a political win. Nothing more. It’s wrong-minded and unconstitutional. It’s madness. Those that got the 2n amendment put into our constitution knew that regardless of the calibre and regardless of the capacity of weapons…Americans needed to have the RIGHT to hold guns so as to keep the government from taking our other rights from us and from changing our country into something that it was never meant to be.

    You’ll NEVER see any legitimate argument against that from the radical left…just spin, innuendo and spin with the same old tired “talking points” against gun ownership.

  5. clarence swinney says:

    Big Spenders
    Increases by year(avg)
    Bush =11%
    Obama=2.2% (not 1.1 as listed prior)
    Obama numbers
    Bush last fiscal year=3500B
    Obama 2013 fiscal budget=3800B
    8.8% increase or 2.2% per year

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