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So this whole Libya flap is about what our UN Ambassador said on Sunday talk shows? That’s what has Senators McCain and Graham and the Republican Party in high dudgeon?
Not security in Libya. Not what the American deaths portend for our role there. But talking points for a Sunday talk show.
Let’s make a deal with these enraged Senators: Drop this, get back to work and we won’t investigate every time you lie, mislead or misspeak on a Sunday talk show.


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One comment on “Sunday Talking Points

  1. Carbine says:

    So you admit that your Lord & Savior’s administration lied to the public about the Benghazi attack? Good, that’s at least some progress.

    Unfortunately for the Dear Leader this issue will not go away. There are at least three distinct issues here, each one serious and worthy of continued investigation, and hopefully correction.

    First there is the question of why security at the consulate was so lax. The State Department had ample indication well before the attack that the consulate was ill-guarded, and officials on the ground had requested better security but were turned down. Congress needs to find out why that happened, and work with the State Department to figure out how to keep something like that from happening again.

    Second comes the issue of the administration’s reaction to news of the attack. Congress needs to know exactly what the administration did and when they did it, who was in charge, and who authorized the actions taken, or denied any requested help. This is nothing more or less than any Congress would do with any administration in the wake of such a disaster.

    Finally there is the issue of the administration’s obvious attempt to cover up the involvement of known terrorist groups. In the light of what is now known, only a great fool could continue to insist that the lies about a demonstration over a video were not concocted to help the Obama re-election effort.

    All three of these issues need to be examined in more detail. The mainstream media has done an abysmal job on these issues, consistently putting its loyalty to the Dear Leader over it’s obligation to investigate the facts and
    hold government accountable for its actions.

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