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A TAPster – and Appalachian State student – responds to the N&O’s story about sociology professor Jammie Price:
“The film she showed was a sociological examination of the porn industry. Very mainstream film that would really only be offense to a very young child. She is a SOCIOLOGY PROFESSOR. And it was a higher-level class for sociology majors. It was appropriate for her class and subject and every student, as always, has the right to not watch the film if they’re uncomfortable.
“I wish App would get publicized for the good stuff for once. It wasn’t on the front page of the paper when we had the most board certified teachers in the country or when the first graduating class from the nursing school had a 100% pass rate on the state nursing exam.”


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2 comments on “App Response

  1. Carbine says:

    There is a LOT more to this story than the N&O lets on (no surprise there). According to students who’ve been in her classes her treatment of certain students has been viciously discriminatory and highly unprofessional.

  2. dap916 says:

    Right. We shouldn’t investigate the lack of response and the fact that requests for help were turned down in that attack on our U.S. embassy that ended up killing an ambassador and others. I mean, hey, let’s get back to work and not have to answer for the lies and distortions the Obama administration and his minions made because…you know….others have lied so it’s all good.

    This is a very troubling post…V E R Y troubling…even for you, Mr. Pearce.

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