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Was Governor-elect McCrory for Governor Perdue’s Dix plan before he was against it? A well-wired TAPster says yes.
The source – whom I’ve always found to be reliable and knowledgeable – said Governor Perdue ran her plan by McCrory and Art Pope before announcing it. She thought she had their support.
But Senator Berger and Speaker Tillis squashed the idea. So yesterday Governor-elect McCrory came out against it.
If true, this suggests that the real power in Raleigh will rest in the Legislative Building next year, not the Governor’s Office.


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3 comments on “Did McCrory Flip-Flop on Dix?

  1. dap916 says:

    So, you have been a politico for over 30 years and don’t know that if any political party has the control of both legislative branches and the governorship…the legislative brances will have the lion’s share of the power?

    Gary…you’re an amateur.

  2. dap916 says:

    So someone that you won’t reveal said this? And, where he got that “to-be-believed” information also won’t be revealed?

    Uh, huh. Okay….gotcha.

    Just another “Tapster”, no doubt.

    Geeezzzzz, Gary. Give us a break.

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