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When you boil out all the hollering and gnashing of teeth the Presidential campaign’s pretty simple.
Romney says, Obama’s sunk the economy. He doesn’t deserve re-election.
Then Obama says, Look at Romney’s record as Governor of Massachusetts. No matter how bad I’ve done – he’d do worse. Then Obama adds, And look at what Romney did at Bain Capital. He did rotten things to make money. Do you want a man like that to be sitting in the White House?
And that’s it. That’s the Presidential campaign in a nutshell. Romney says, Obama’s bad. And Obama says, Romney’s worse.



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2 comments on “Simple Politics

  1. dap916 says:

    Ah…the “lesser of two evils” ploy. hahaha..

    Both campaigns are hoping American voters look at this election that way and that their candidate (Obama or Romney) will win out on it.

    Truth? It’s actually a pretty close depiction of what we have to choose from in my opinion, actually. Obama, to me, is a menace we can’t afford 4 more years of and Romney is a weak representation of what true conservative republicans would actually want in their candidate…but better than Obama.

    How well each side can put forward their candidate in this regard will be the deciding factor on which one wins…laying all the B.S., rhetoric, spin and innuendo aside.

  2. Carbine says:

    And all people have to do is look around to see which argument is stronger. Obama can say anything he likes about what Romney did or didn’t do as governor. But they will cast their votes based on what they see Obama doing now to them.

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