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One of the problems no one’s ever been able to solve as far as politics goes is how to stop one group of folks from using the government to get their hands on another group of folks’ money.
For instance, back when President Obama gave green-energy-company-gone-bankrupt-Solyndra government subsidies, Republicans cried foul and said what the President was doing was an example of ‘government picking winners and losers’ with other people’s money.
Which sounded cut and dried until the other day when a bill flew through the State House to give corporations tax credits when they donate scholarships so poor children can attend private schools – the private school gets the cash and the corporation gets a tax break.
Now there’s no doubt that’s a good cause – but isn’t that ‘government picking winners and losers’ too?


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One comment on “Picking Winners and Losers?

  1. Carbine says:

    No, government doesn’t get to pick who participates in the program. Any business can choose to take advantage or not.

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