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President Obama finally got a Republican vote for his health care bill: Chief Justice Roberts’.
Of course, Republicans are trying now to turn it into a “tax,” with Roberts’ help.
But it’s a huge win for Obama. And what’s the best thing about winning? Not losing.
If he had lost in the court, Fox News would have proclaimed a failed Presidency, another Jimmy Carter. And Obama certainly would have looked weak.
No matter that he can’t control the Supreme Court. If you lose, you lose. And Americans like a President who looks strong.
Suddenly, Obama looks much stronger than he did a day ago. Democrats are energized. They’ve got new fight in them.
Now Obama can challenge Romney on health care: The Court, including a Republican chief justice, says the insurance mandate is constitutional. And when you were governor of Massachusetts, you said it was the right idea.
Presidential elections often turn on X Factors – unpredictable events that suddenly change the political world. This is one of those events. It doesn’t mean Obama wins in November, not at all. But his chances look better.


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3 comments on “A Win Is a Win

  1. dap916 says:

    “Of course, Republicans are trying now to turn it into a “tax,” with Roberts’ help.”

    Um, Gary…in case you didn’t catch the reason the individual mandate was upheld was because a majority on SCOTUS said that it was a tax. Do you somehow disagree with that? If so, then you have to agree that the individual mandate was unconstitutional…if NOT a tax, that is. Whatcha talking about, actually? Do you even know?

    I agree with you totally that this ruling has done two very devastating things for republicans nationally (and two extremely wonderful things for democrats). First, as you’ve said, it makes Obama look like a winner..something Americans just can’t help themselves loving. Right or wrong, Americans will vote for someone that looks strong and looks like someone that wins. It’s just in our blood.

    Second, it re-energizes the democratic base. Does anyone think that the Congressional Black Caucus and the Asian Caucus would have walked out of congress today when the vote took place on calling Atty General Holder in Contempt if the court would have said ACA was unconstitutional and is no longer viable? No way. And, go to the various democratic/liberal/progressive websites and look at the front page articles on this ruling by the Supremes and the gazillion responses on boards that have struggled lately getting many…if any at all….responses and posts.

    This ain’t good for Republicans. It may backfire along the way, but right now, I’m not seeing that happening. I’m betting you couldn’t get a ten-penny nail up Romney butt right now with a jackhammer.

  2. Carbine says:

    Republicans are trying to turn it into a tax? Are you nuts? The SUPREME COURT just DID turn it into a tax–and one that falls squarely on the shoulders of the working class. All this ruling has done is fire up the Tea Party activists, just like 2010.

    Democrats think they’ve won something, and you ought to know Gary, in politics it’s the side that thinks they’ve been screwed that gets angry and energetic. If you don’t know that yet, you will come November.

  3. Reaganite says:

    It is clear however that Roberts knuckled under to public political pressure applied by Obama, Leahy, and other Dems and consequently switched his vote. This is an appalling assault on democracy, and Roberts own credibility and integrity are in the toilet as a result, along to some degree with the court’s. Obama is a budding Hugo Chavez and it is unlikely we would have a democratic republic left if he is in another 4 years.

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