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Well, all the smarty-pants pundits got the Supreme Court decision wrong. So I’ll wait until somebody smart and level-headed explains it.
Meanwhile, politics must go on.
Obama had been looking at a big defeat and stories about a “failed Presidency.” Now Romney and Republicans are trying to make chicken salad out of chickenshit.
My favorite tweet: “News flash! RomneyCare held constitutional.”
Obama gets something rare in politics: a mulligan. He gets to try again to explain his law.
Here’s how I read it: Maybe, one day, those of us who pay taxes and health insurance premiums won’t have to keep paying the bills for people who don’t have insurance.
The “individual mandate” says people have to take responsibility for their own health care costs – or pay a penalty.
Once upon a time, that was a Republican idea. And the foundation of RomneyCare. Now it’s socialism.
Why do Republicans who don’t like welfare like health-care welfare?
Of course, Obama opposed the mandate when he was running against Hillary Clinton and she proposed it.
Now, maybe he can do a better job of explaining it. Especially since it’s suddenly the biggest issue in the race.


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One comment on “Recalculating…

  1. Carbine says:

    Turns out, Obama has enacted the largest middle-class tax increase in history! And he did it by lying to Congress and the American people, telling them that it was not a tax at all. But the Supreme Court has blown his cover, and now working class people who have been trying to scrape by will have to start shelling out for expensive health insurance plans they can’t afford, or pay a penalty to the government, all so the well-off who already have health insurance will not have to pick up the tab for other people’s treatment. Down with Obama’s Middle Class Health Tax!

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