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As an aspiring geezer, I’m inspired when white-hairs beat the young guns at their own new-media game.
So today we celebrate Lyle Denniston, the 81-year-old, twice-retired blogger at SCOTUSBlog. He got the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act right and he got it first.
Actually, the trigger-happy hot heads at CNN and Fox News got it first. But they got it wrong. They reported that the court struck down the law. Oops. They even had President Obama fooled, until he heard from his staff and from SCOTUSblog.
Denniston’s scoop made him an Internet sensation. #TeamLyle T-shirts popped up.
He knows his subject. He has covered the court for 54 years, working with various newspapers before the blog.
Geezers may not be as fast on the draw as the young guns. But our aim is true.


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2 comments on “Winning One for the Geezers

  1. Carbine says:

    I was watching the coverage on FOX when the news broke. The announcer was correct when he said that the mandate had been ruled unconstitutional under the commerce clause. Then he said (as they fed information to him through his earpiece, no doubt) that it was also unconstitutional under the necessary and proper clause (again, correctly). Then they broke away to the reporter on the scene who had a copy of the ruling and who read those relevant parts. But before she could finish they cut back to the studio where the announcer said that they were receiving a report that the law had been upheld under the taxing power. The ‘confusion’ lasted about 30-45 seconds, total, and FOX announcers never said anything that was factually incorrect. I don’t know how CNN covered it, I just read the account of their coverage in the paper this morning, but it sounds like CNN ran with the wrong line a good bit further. So why does FOX get lumped in with CNN’s goof? Because bigoted morons who never watch the network but believe themselves to be experts on it love to try to tear it down.

  2. dap916 says:

    Kudos to one my fellow “Geezers” -_-

    I’m getting tickled at how this ruling came because the court found that the mandate penalty was a “tax”….and now, the Obama adminisration, knowing just how devastating it will be if the majority of Americans do realize that it truly is a tax, is pulling out all stops to say it’s NOT a tax. hahahaha. This is such a screwed up country politically. We’re dealing with a bunch of kids running our country that don’t have a clue. And yeah, it’s on both sides.

    And, politicos from both sides that are steadfast supporters of whoever is the candidate for “their party” fall right into the idiocy. We’re doomed.

    Anyone care about the obvious? Um…unemployment is still in the tank. People are still losing their homes exponentially. HUGE masses of people are on food stamps. 47% + on our workers don’t pay any federal income taxes. More and more ILLEGAL immigrants are receiving taxpayer-paid housing, food, health care etc.

    And, it’s just all rhetoric and spin about those facts…can I emphasize FACTS? Who honestly thinks we can continue to go in this direction without disastrous consequences? Truly…not “talking points” and party B.S.

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