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A powerful new Modern Science has crept into the world of political campaigns: The Mega-Database – where thirty-something whizzes and mathematicians collect data from the four corners of the digital universe to figure out what voters (and especially Independent voters) have on their minds.

The other day sitting in a meeting, when one of the whizzes mentioned Hillary, I said, At the end of the day, I just don’t see how she wins – and a mathematician sitting across the table began thumping charts filled with ‘segmentation clusters’ and ‘data points’ and erupted, Oh no. You’re wrong. Look at this and this and this – they’ll vote for Hillary in a heartbeat.

It sounded like heresy but I’m an old grey-haired Republican and to most of my friends Hillary’s Bill redux (without Bubba’s redneck streak). She’s been around so long her story’s just plain worn out. But watching that young mathematician thumping those numbers Hillary took on a different visage.

To swing voters Hillary’s not Bubba she’s a woman who looks and talks a lot like their mothers and grandmothers. She doesn’t rant. Or harangue. She’s successful. And responsible. And looking at her through their eyes her foibles faded into the shadows and suddenly – compared to Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz or Rand Paul – Hillary became a powerful candidate for President.


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