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Could it be that losing Volvo to South Carolina had nothing to do with the Republican vs. Republican battle over incentives vs. tax cuts?

Could it be that North Carolina is doomed to NEVER get an automotive plant?

Could it be that North Carolina lost out because of its long-running war with the company that provides the aluminum for a lot of cars?

Namely, Alcoa.

That’s the contention of critics of the state’s long-running lawsuit against Alcoa over river rights.

Rep. Justin Burr, a Republican who represents Stanly and Montgomery counties, asked: “What automaker would want to locate here when they see NC’s treatment of one of its global partner(s)?”

Alcoa says a lot of car-makers, especially the high-end luxury models, use aluminum because it’s fuel-efficient and safe, crumpling on impact rather than spearing drivers and riders.

Maybe all the money spent on lawyers attacking Alcoa should have been spent on incentives attracting Volvo.



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