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Give Governor McCrory credit. He did the right thing by vetoing the magistrates/same-sex marriage bill. And it’s good politics.

This should be a wakeup call for Democrats who think he’ll be a pushover next year because he’s a doofus or because the legislature is too far right.

Take it from me. An incumbent has a big advantage running for election: He or she can act and reshape the battleground.

The fantasies of red-hots on the right and blue-hots on the left notwithstanding, elections are won in the middle. McCrory’s veto put him squarely there.

His veto is a popular decision with swing voters in the suburbs, including women. And McCrory obviously believes he can withstand any challenge within the GOP.

Now, if the Governor really wants to show some courage, he should veto the 72-hour abortion-wait bill. That will punish working women who don’t live in urban counties and can’t take two separate days off work to get somebody to drive them to Raleigh or Charlotte to do what they think is right for them and their families.



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