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We’re not fighting each other like the Republicans are – yet. But insults are flying on social media. Bad feelings are growing. And the voting hasn’t even started.

Bias alert: I’m for Hillary. Her heart and mind are in the right place. She is by far the most able and qualified candidate of either party – in experience, temperament and judgment. She’s the best person to continue the peace and prosperity President Obama brought us.

Plus, Sanders would decimate Democrats in November. It would take years to recover from the disaster.

That said, there are three problems with Clinton’s campaign.

  1. She’s just not a good politician. She has all of Bill’s negatives and none of his positives. He can connect with anybody anytime; she, not so much. Maybe it’s the difference between growing up in Hot Springs, Arkansas and Park Ridge, Illinois.
  2. Bernie’s critique of how money has corrupted our government is right on the money, so to speak. (Hillary’ $250,000 speaking fees don’t help here.)
  3. The Clinton campaign’s attacks on Sanders are clumsy, ineffective and embittering. Hillary can’t pull it off, Bill can’t pull it off and Chelsea certainly can’t.

So here’s my two cents for what Hillary should say: (1) Bernie is exactly right. (2) But I’m the person who can fix it.


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