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Let’s agree (as he says about himself in his book) Donald Trump is the master of The Art of the Deal. He’s not just a billionaire with a penchant for checking out his reflection whenever he walks past a mirror or sees himself on TV – he’s a cunning (and brilliant) maker of deals.

And, to become President, he’s out to close two deals: To win the Republican primary. Then, to consummate a second deal, to win in November.

And, so far, he’s had the Midas touch: He’s held the lead in the primary for six months, decimated Jeb Bush and Ben Carson and, in the latest poll, he’s soared into a 22 point lead in NC.

But what will ‘The Donald’ do after the first deal’s inked and dotted and in the bank – and it’s time to go to work on the second deal?

Right now, he’s making his deal with people who vote in Republican primaries by depicting himself as the bugaboo of Muslims, the scourge of illegal immigrants, and the bain of the Republican Establishment.

But when he has to make his second deal with swing voters to win the General Election – what will he do?

In October, will we be looking at the same Donald Trump or will we be looking at a new Trump we never knew existed? Is ‘The Donald’ we see now the real McCoy or, like a changeling, will the dealmaker change shapes when he sets out to make his next deal?


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