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It’s hands-down the most uplifting ad of many a year.

Is it reason enough to vote for Bernie Sanders?

The Sanders campaign’s 60-second ad “America” was described by CNN as “so full of love, enthusiasm and patriotic uplift (complete with flag-waving) that it’s downright goose bump-inducing.”

It is that. Some people even said on social media they’d vote for Bernie because of it.

Which poses a question: Should an ad affect which candidate you vote for?

You could argue yes. The ad captures people’s yearning for hope and love for America. It communicates that rare sense of being part of something bigger and better than ourselves. And it’s a welcome contrast to the normal bile and bitterness of politics.

Or you could argue it’s just very smart, very effective emotional manipulation by good ad-makers (including my friend and Sanders’ senior strategist Tad Devine), with a big assist from a great Simon and Garfunkel song, all of which has nothing to do with whether Bernie Sanders should be President.




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