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Karen Handel stood in front of the cameras looking grumpy and, beside her, Jon Ossoff looked pleasant but far too young to be on that stage.

He said, You’ve got Super PACs. You’re a politician.

She said, You’ve got Super PACs too. You’re Nancy Pelosi’s pawn.

He said, I’m Independent.

She said, How can you be Independent – you’re supported by Nancy Pelosi?

He said, My opponent opposed breast cancer funding.

She said, I helped make October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

He said, She’s Trump’s rubber stamp.

She turned to Ossoff, I’d like to ask you one question. Who are you going to vote for on election day? (Ossoff doesn’t live in Georgia’s 6th District so he can’t vote on election day.)

Ossoff said, At least I was born in Georgia. You were born in Washington, DC.

He added, You’re a career politician.

And she said, You’re a career junior staffer.

It was like watching two actors reading a script written by a thirteen-year-old.


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