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Each looked into a camera and each said the other was a liar.

Comey said Trump, sitting in the Oval Office, asked everyone to leave the room but him then, when the door closed behind the Attorney General, turned to face him and said, I hope you’ll let go of the investigation of Mike Flynn.

Trump said that conversation never happened.

Comey said when they had dinner, alone in the White House, Trump asked him for a pledge of loyalty.

Trump said that conversation never happened.

So which one is telling the truth?  

Sitting at the table in the hearing Comey looked candid and honest. He didn’t parse words. He answered Yes. Or No. And sometimes he said, Here’s how I interpreted that – but I could be wrong.  

Trump, standing on the White House lawn, hair shading his face from the sun, was blustery and flamboyant and sounded like a showman. But appearances can fool you.

Is Trump a poor truth-teller? Or Comey a smooth deceiver? Some folks don’t care: Fox News vilifies Comey. CNN heaps scorn on Trump. But the rest of us wait as the mill wheels grind because the day the grinding stops we’ll know who told the truth.


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