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Was Michael Flynn Svengali? Donald Trump’s back door conduit to the Russians? To get them to help him defeat Hillary?

And if Flynn was Svengali does he now know – as David Axelrod has hinted – Trump’s worst secret? Is he whispering to Trump, Protect me or I’ll tell all? Does that explain Trump’s stubborn loyalty to Flynn?

 Or is Michael Flynn the opposite of a Svengali – a bumbling general who schemed to get the job he’d dreamed of in Trump’s White House then blew his own foot off?

Will Flynn (the Svengali) make a deal with the prosecutors? And scuttle Trump? Or does Flynn (the bumbler) know nothing because there’s nothing to know?

CNN howls Flynn’s Svengali. Fox howls Trump’s virtue personified. While the rest of us wait, watching as the mill wheels grind – because when the grinding stops we’ll know: Is Mike Flynn Svengali?


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