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In his State of the Union early last week, Trump sounded like a normal President. By the weekend, he was back to his cranky, crazy self.

He went on a Twitter rampage. He claimed President Obama wiretapped him. Without a shred of evidence. And despite denials from intelligence officials.

Now, it could just be that Trump is lying – again. Or making up things – again.

Or maybe it’s true. Maybe he was wiretapped. Which raises an interesting twist. Was Trump being investigated over Russia?

Not to put too fine a point on it, but: Is he a crook?

Obama couldn’t legally order a wiretap. Intelligence officers have to request it. A federal judge has to approve it. There has to be evidence of criminal activity.

Or evidence that the target is an agent of a foreign government.


Also late last week, Trump exploded at his staff. He berated them because AG Jeff Sessions recused himself from any Russia investigation.

Maybe because Trump was counting on Session to quash any real investigation.

And maybe this is why Trump won’t release his tax returns.

Republicans in Congress, starting with Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr, are afraid to touch this. They know Trump is more popular with Republican primary voters than they are. They’re afraid to cross him.

But Burr has to make a choice. He can be a Trump toady. Or he can be another Sam Ervin, a Senator who puts his country before his party and his President.

One thing is for sure. Thanks to Trump’s weekend rampage, Russia will dog his Presidency until we get the truth.

One way or another, the truth will win out. It always does in America.



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