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Trump’s presidency is best viewed, like Trump himself, as a reality TV show.

Sometimes it’s scary. Like when Trump makes life and death decisions on the porch at Mar a Lago in full view of diners. Or anytime Steve Bannon crawls out of his cave.

Sometimes it’s weird. Like when it’s big news that Trump gave a speech and sounded like a reasonable facsimile of a President instead of a raving nut on a street corner.

Sometimes it’s mind-boggling. Like when Trump told the nation’s Governors that “nobody knew health care was so complicated.” You could almost see thought bubbles over the governors’ heads: “Maybe YOU didn’t know.”

Sometimes it’s crooked. Like when we learned that the (ex) national security adviser and the (now) Attorney General lied about talking to the Russians.

Sometimes it’s pathetic. Like when where we’re reduced to hoping the ex-CEO of ExxonMobil will keep us out of war.

Sometimes it’s maddening. Like when Trump ordered the Yemen raid, then blamed the generals for a SEAL’s death. Then said he inherited the whole thing from Obama. Then said at the State of the Union that the raid was “highly successful.”

In that case, thanks, Obama!

Sometimes it’s comical. Like Kellyanne Conway on her knees in the Oval Office. Or Sean Spicer any day of the week.

Like when Spicer chewed out his staff for leaking. And had their cell phones searched for leaks. And told them not to tell anybody about it. And it took about 10 minutes for the media to get the story.

It’s only right that the worst nightmare for this TV-show administration is a TV show: Saturday Night Live. Alec Baldwin trumps Trump, and Melissa McCarthy sliced up Spicer with one sketch.

So it’s only right that two possible opponents to Trump in 2020 are Al Franken, who was great on Saturday Night Live, and Oprah, who’s so big she’s bigger than Trump.

Judging from the polls, the American people look about ready to grab the remote and look for a new show.



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