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Politics has been so bad that for four months – ever since Election Day – I’ve meant to write about something good. But never got to it.

Thanks, Trump.

So now the good news: Attorney General Josh Stein.

After the carnage of Election Day, one veteran Democrat said, “If you’re going to win just three statewide elections, Governor, Supreme Court and Attorney General are three good ones.”


Republicans tried to gut the AG’s office when Roy Cooper was there, but Josh shows there’s plenty still there. He and the Governor refused to defend North Carolina’s voter-suppression law. Josh joined other state AGs to challenge Trump’s Muslim ban.

Josh has gone to work on, as he says, “a host of issues including confronting the opioid epidemic, protecting our kids from sexual predators, standing up for voting rights and clean energy, protecting consumers from fraudulent business practices, and speaking out against the unconstitutional travel ban.”

Josh will be a great AG. He has brains, guts and strong principles. I know because I’ve known him for 20 years.

He’s scary-smart: Dartmouth ’88, Harvard Law School and Harvard Kennedy School ’95.

He has worked in public interest law, the U.S. Senate, the N.C. Justice Department under Cooper and the General Assembly.

He comes from a family that has a long-time commitment to justice, fairness and opportunity. His father Adam is a pioneering civil rights attorney and plaintiffs’ lawyer.

Josh won a tough race by 24,000-plus votes. He beat Buck (“make North Carolina straight again”) Newton.

Josh was one of only two Democratic AG candidates nationally to buck the Trump wave. The other is Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania. (It was a good year to be Josh.)

His fundraising was strong. It overcame the millions spent by the Republicans’ national AG machine. His messaging and ads were some of the best of the cycle.

Josh isn’t afraid to take on Republicans when they’re wrong, or work with them on the rare occasion they’re on the right side (opioids). In the Senate, he proved he can more than hold his own with the GOP. He eviscerated them in debates.

His future is unlimited. His ceiling is not his roof. At the right time, he would make a great Governor or Senator.

Just writing about him makes me feel better.

Thanks, Josh.



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