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The protests just keep getting crazier: Friday morning the attorney for the eight ‘Antifa’ protestors arrested for toppling a Confederate statute in Durham tweeted: First appearances are done. White supremacists arrive at noon.

Hundreds of anti-Klan counter-protestors rushed to Main Street in Durham, blocking traffic, chanting, No KKK! No Fascist USA!

At five minutes past noon a Durham City Councilwoman tweeted: Have received information that there are armed white supremacists in downtown. Several trucks have been seen as well. #DefendDurham.

Businesses closed. Government buildings shut down. The Courthouse closed. Duke University sent its workers home. The YMCA and the bank closed. And the Klan never showed up.

There was no Klan rally. It was a false alarm. But the protestors took it in stride: As the newspaper reported, they burned a Confederate flag, chanted, declared they’d won ‘a people’s victory,’ and as the sun set a ‘carnival air’ descended.


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