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The threats landed bam, bam, bam: Kim Jong-un was facing ‘fire and fury,’ we were ‘locked and loaded and ready to go’ and – if Kim uttered one more threat – he’d ‘regret it fast.’

It was pure Trump pyrogenics – and melodrama – but it’s getting old: When Trump walked onto the debate stage two years ago his swagger was funny. He stood out. He wasn’t just another Washington politician. But now watching Trump is like watching a teenager hoping up and down, pointing fingers, calling other students in his 8th grade class ‘goofy,’ ‘kooky,’ ‘wacky,’ and ‘dumb as a rock.’ And people are worn out. They’re ready for a break.

But Trump’s a law unto himself. Irrepressible and mercurial last night in Arizona the boy from Queens was back, pointing fingers and mocking, ‘Little George’ Stephanopoulos.’


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