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The media may be in worse shape than we thought: Most of us have never laid eyes on a Neo-Nazi and who’d ever heard of an ‘Antifa’ before last week? So, can either be a deadly threat to America? Can CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times be right when they paint a picture of Armageddon unfolding on the streets of Charlottesville?

Were the clashing protestors a microcosm of the real America – or two handfuls of nuts?

And which is crazier? A Neo-Nazi waving a swastika flag in a park in Charlottesville? Or the media howling that bizarre Neo-Nazi is so mighty his presence spells doom for the Republic? And that one man is to blame: Donald Trump?

Close the newspaper, switch the channel, shut down the computer. Turn off the howls. Take a deep breath. Trump is going to be Trump. The media is going to pour gas on the fire. Politics is going to remain crazy. But have a little faith. The planets still sail in their orbits. America is safe to the last night.


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