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Talk about manna from heaven, Linda Coleman must be thanking her lucky stars – the State Employees’ Union just announced it’s going to spend $1.8 million to elect her and defeat Eric Mansfield in the Democratic Primary for Lt. Governor.
The State Employees’ Union has charged into Super PAC land with a passion but here’s a mystery: If they spend $1.8 million on broadcast TV statewide for Linda Coleman she’ll be better known than Bob Etheridge and Walter Dalton and Representative Bill Faison – the Democrats running for Governor – combined.
So why fool around with running for Lt. Governor?


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2 comments on “Why Fool Around…with Lt. Governor

  1. dap916 says:

    My guess as to why all the State Employees Union money will be funneled to Linda Coleman is because she is Director of State Employees currently. She served as an assembly woman for a while so has deep roots in party politics as well.

    I know I’m taking a risk of being called a sexist here, but I’m wondering if the democratic party (or most of the state for that matter) is ready at this point in time for another woman as governor. Maybe if Coleman won the Lt. Governor’s race, she could firm up her alliances and “credos” so as to run for Governor at a later date.

  2. Carbine says:

    This should be a hoot. I’m glad she will have the money to expose herself to the voters, so they can see her for what she is. I can’t wait…

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