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There’s good news for Democrats looking ahead to the fall elections. But then there is really, really bad news.
The good news is that Obama can carry the state again. He will play hard – and spend heavy – here. That will turn out votes for the entire ticket.
Also good: the bitter GOP presidential race will produce a damaged nominee. Maybe even an unelectable one.
More good: the pendulum of public opinion has swung back. The more voters see the results of Republican governance, the more they want to nudge things back in a different direction.  The governor’s race looks more winnable today than it did a month ago. 2012 won’t be 2010.
But here’s the really, really bad news: 2010. Democrats picked a bad year to have a meltdown. It left Republicans in control of drawing the districts and in position to raise the big money. They’ve done both with ruthlessly efficiency.
Democrats can regain their legislative majorities, but it may take a long time. The best some party leaders hope for this year is electing a new Democratic governor and ensuring him one legislative chamber that will sustain a veto.


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2 comments on “Democrats and 2012

  1. blculbre says:

    And this is the best case scenario…[for Dems]

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