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A year from now, Republicans or Democrats will be celebrating victory in the Presidential race. But a recent breakfast exchange suggests neither side is confident now:
A Republican: “Romney is bound to get the nomination, and he won’t excite the Republican base. Obama will win, he’ll carry North Carolina, and he’ll pull Perdue in with him.”
A skeptical Democrat: “All you have to do to excite the Republican base is ask them: ‘Do you want Obama to be a two-term President?’”
A hopeful Democrat: “Didn’t you see the McClatchy poll? By 2-1, voters say the bad economy isn’t Obama’s fault; he inherited it. Including 62 percent of independents.”
Skeptical Democrat: “I don’t see how a President who looks as weak and ineffectual as Obama can ever be reelected. The voters will forgive a lot, but weakness is something they won’t forgive. Especially in bad times.”


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