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It sounds like a Seal Team Six operation: “As North Carolina Republicans tell it, the Obama for America volunteers stole in under cover of night and stayed, undetected — noticed belatedly only because of election results across the state.”
That’s the New York Times account – “Team Obama Gears Up for 2012” – of how this month’s elections here may foretell next year’s outcome.
The Times quoted Chris Sinclair, a strategist for Billie Redmond, the Republican candidate for mayor in Raleigh, as saying: “It was very scary. You don’t know what’s going on until you wake up after Election Day and go, ‘Oh my gosh, what happened?’”
Isn’t it amazing how political operatives always blame bad elections on their opponents’ nefarious doings? They never say: “Well, the voters have spoken.” It’s always: “Something funny happened.”
Of course, it’s not just Republicans. Before the elections, Democrats were finding the fingerprints of Art (“I Am Not an Heir”) Pope behind the 2010 election results.


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