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Monday’s campaign-finance indictments gave everybody something.
Republicans, of course, are chortling over the potential problems for Governor Perdue. Although, notably, Reps. David Lewis and Skip Stam sounded cautionary notes over how hard it can be to interpret campaign laws. As well they should, for some Republican will get tripped up. Count on it.
Bill Faison gets an excuse to try to push the Governor out of the primary.
Governor Perdue, for her part, can say the DA made it clear she wasn’t involved. And her team’s message is full speed ahead: Put this behind us, focus on jobs and schools and, yes, she’s running.
But there are more stories to come – and maybe trials. The questions will keep coming, and the doubts will be there until she files for reelection.
Ultimately, just as fundraising lies at the heart of the Governor’s problems, fundraising will decide her future: Can she raise the money to run again?
Stay tuned.
(Full disclosure: I have been advising Peter Reichard on how to deal with the media coverage. So I won’t blog about the legal issues.)


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