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Spermin’ Herman Cain needs to ignore the lamestream media – and the parade of women – and stay in the presidential race.
It will be a sad campaign without him. His entertainment value knows no bounds. What would this year have been like without his electrified border fence, his halting uncertainty about Libya and – most of all – “9-9-9”?
Without Herman, it’s all too predictable. Mitt is predictably perfect and boring. Newt is predictably smarmy. Rick predictably dumb. Michelle predictably nuts. Ron Paul predictably Ron Paul. Santorum and Huntsman just boring.
What will we do without Herman to kick around?


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2 comments on “Stay the Course, Herman!

  1. dap916 says:

    “Smarmy”…had to look that one up. Here’s the link to the definition of it (hate that you’ll have to copy and paste it on your browser because here, ya just can’t just click on it)

    Herman Cain is a true non-entity in the republican presidential nomination process. Because of the press presenting his supposed “indiscretions”, he’s going to have a lot of people that will purchase his new book and, let’s be honest, isn’t that what he’s all about in the first place? What republican would think that Herman Cain could actually give Barack Obama a legitimate run for his money in the general election for president? That’s ludicrous. I’m not trying to play the “race card” here, but the majority of the voters in America would just see that as the republicans trying to put up a black against another black…and it wouldn’t work. He does have some excellent ideas and I support his conservative idealism…don’t get me wrong…but, republicans have to come up with someone that can actually beat Obama. If republicans don’t do this and if, by chance, the democrats are able to regain a majority in the U.S. House, we’re going to see a direction for America that no one ever thought possible.

    Herman Cain? Ain’t gonna happen. I know the democratic powers-to-be would love to see that, but……..

  2. Carbine says:

    “Spermin’ Herman”…that’s a good one. The problem I see with Cain is his record: five women propositioned, and only one took him up on it. Americans expect their politicians to score better than a 20% success rate on just about everything, and I don’t see why philandering would be an exception. And the one that he did bag was, well…let’s just say it calls his judgement (or at least his eyesight) into question big-time. I could go on and on like this…

    Herman Cain was never more than a sideshow to this race. Early on in a crowded primary field there are always a few colorful characters who have their moments in the media spotlight and then fade into obscurity. Remember when Howard Dean was the next president of the United States? HEE-HAHHH!!! For all it’s ugliness and unseemliness, our democratic process has the great virtue of eventually outing the most unstable and least prepared. Sure, a Joe Biden might slip through as a VP candidate from time to time, but most of the lunatics, empty suits, and hot-air commandos wilt in the hot lights of the network camaras before they can do any real damage. American democracy at work.

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