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The commentariet says Ted Kennedy’s tactical skills will be missed in the health-care reform debate.
What’s more likely to be missed is his roar.
Democrats– including President Obama – lack a loud, clear voice to frame the debate.
Like Kennedy did on Robert Bork. Like I heard him do at the Democratic “mini-convention” in Memphis in 1978, when he delivered a passionate, lectern-pounding call for decent health care for all Americans.
Does anybody today clearly understand what Obama wants from reform – in terms the average person can grasp?
In the vacuum, Sarah Palin framed the debate with a Facebook posting about “death panels.”
Kennedy’s red-hot rhetoric is alien to Zen Master Obama.
Yes, the President’s cool has worked before. Like last August when Democrats were in a panic after the Republican convention.
But Obama got lucky. Palin turned out to be a disastrous pick for McCain. And the economic meltdown doomed the Republicans.
The President may not be so lucky this September. And congressional Democrats – except for Kennedy’s Massachusetts colleague Barney Frank – seem afraid to take the nay-sayers head-on.


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