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I spoke to the North Carolina Democratic Party’s annual Sanford-Hunt-Frye Dinner Saturday night.
I talked about the “Go Forward” tradition in North Carolina politics, starting with Kerr Scott and running through Sanford and Hunt.
We sat at Governor Perdue’s table, which gave me some pause given some of my blogs about her. But she was nice to me and my wife and especially to our daughter.
She gave a strong speech. It was just right for the crowd and the night.
That – and the graceful way she handled herself with people – told me three things. 
  • She has “Go Forward” progressive instincts. 
  • She has a real ability to connect with people. 
  • She has a deep understanding of the legislature, state government and the budget. 
So far in her administration, something has been missing. Maybe her new guru Pearse Edwards will be exactly what she needs.
You don’t become North Carolina’s first woman governor without having brains, toughness and political skill.
Don’t underestimate her ability to come back.



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2 comments on “Bev Goes Forward

  1. -1 says:

    You don’t need brains to be elected gov. of NC.tHE PAST PROVES THAT.

  2. -1 says:

    Maybe because the voters are idiots!
    100 years of corruption in Raleigh, and they have not learned a thing.
    Not to worry the liberal press, will make a god out of her.

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