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It usually begins with an evasion which leads to another evasion and soon, like a hapless fly, even for a Brigadier General (who was a paratrooper) the silken webs are inescapable: Tony Tata, explaining to the News and Observer about three affairs, an out of wedlock child, a forged court order, an army investigation and the end of his military career, said: “It is inappropriate and unlawful for those motivated to tarnish my reputation to publish unsubstantiated allegations from two or three decades ago. I have served our nation, state and county with integrity and diligence in combat and in peacetime, as my military and public service records reflect.”

Then he added that – last July – he resigned as Secretary of Transportation “partly because he ‘was polling for Congress at the time’ and ‘that probably is not consistent with being a Cabinet member’ for Republican Governor Pat McCrory.”

More webs.

General Tata polled last February – months before he resigned.


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