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The old hymn goes, ‘Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow.’

Is that idea true? Or false?

Do you agree? Or disagree?

And if the old hymn’s true what happens if we elect a President who worships another god? Does it matter? Do blessings only flow to individuals – or does He also bless nations? Does electing a Muslim spell an unhappy ending where blessings no longer flow?

After Ben Carson answered that question he got hammered on CNN, called un-American in the newspapers, and part of the country went haywire.

And, once the fireworks started, the other Republican candidates – including Ted Cruz – dove for cover. Even the irrepressible Donald Trump ducked (though, in fairness, he did quip a lot of people believe we have a Muslim in the White House now).

So what do we have on our hands here? A circus of militant diversity run amuck? An outbreak of pure devilment? Or does the old hymn just not matter anymore?


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