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Both President Obama and Governor McCrory are learning that reforming health care can be harmful to your political health. Their politics are different, but their experiences are strikingly similar.
Both are trying to make big changes in the health care system, Obama with the Affordable Care Act and McCrory with Medicaid privatization.
Both have had a hard time explaining exactly what they’re doing. Few people can explain in a few words what Obamacare does. Few grasp what McCrory is trying to do with Medicaid.
Both have had trouble with websites and computer glitches.
Both operate in a poisonous, polarized political and media environment with political opponents who are poised to pounce.
Both face skeptics in their own party.
Both have Cabinet secretaries who have become piñatas for blame and calumny.
From both, the lesson is the same. Health care is big, and it’s complicated. You better be clear about what you’re doing. You better not underestimate the obstacles. And you better bring your A game.


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One comment on “Unhealthy

  1. Choo says:

    The one point that both are having trouble with their version of healthcare is correct. However, I find something very interesting. Most everyone on the left thinks that the problem with Obama Care is that people don’t understand it. They think that more,better information will help and then everyone will say, ” Oh I didn’t know that”. Then all will be fine. The problem with Obama Care is that everyone now does understand it and it is just another giant takeover of the private sector by an incompetent government. Some things are better off left to the private sector. Healthcare insurance is one of those. I think this has been tried in other countries without success. I know we now have the smartest people in the world in the white house and they can do what no one else in the world has done, but I think the proof is starting to show that this dog aint going to hunt. The politics of this, who knows. If Obama can get the lap dog media to push this horrible law on the American people without suffering politically then we are more stupid than I think.

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