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December brings “Best of 2013” Lists, and here’s one about Governor McCrory, courtesy of the website Buzzfeed.
(Like President Obama. I thought buzz feed was something you did in college at 2 a.m.)
The Governor has acquired a reputation as the unwitting source of unintentionally funny and baffling statements – and misstatements. This is a collection of some gems, titled “North Carolina’s Hilariously Incompetent Governor in 15 Quotes.”
Now, some of them are new to me. Did he really say, for example, “My strength is concepts and strategy and theory and also facts”?
But I know he said, ““We didn’t shorten early voting, we compacted the calendar.”
With any luck, the Governor will challenge the list. That would be fun.


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One comment on “Quoting Pat

  1. dap916 says:

    I see you and your radical liberal/progressive compadre James Protzman from over at are starting to coordinate front page posts now. He had a feature article about Buzz Feed’s presentation on things McCrory has said just yesterday himself.

    I posted on a recent previous front page presentation you made here that it looks like you’re running out of things to say that you can come up with yourself and are starting to post quotes from other liberals rather than your own opinions. Guess you’re going to just copy ideas from Protzman now. Might be time for you to take a little vacation from TAP, my man. Recharge your batteries, so to speak.

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